Nihongaku at a New URL

The better part of a year ago, I started stumbling through an experiment to chronicle my frequent, curious brushes with Japanese music. The result is the blog you see here. I haven’t updated as much as I originally planned. Frankly, I haven’t done much of what I originally planned.

That’s all going to change. We all have to grow up sometime and Nihongaku is no exception. From now on, you’re getting a full-on 1,000 percent of your daily allotment of Japanese music. More MP3s than your mortal ears can handle; more pics of Gackt than your inner fan girl can squeal over; more X Japan than even I can stomach; all this and more awaits you. You’re just going to have to hit up a slightly different URL. The quest continues at


~ by Jonathan McNamara on 2011/02/15.

One Response to “Nihongaku at a New URL”

  1. Oh wow. This is excellent news. Congratulations Jonathan!

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