Sour Releases “Mirror,” an Interactive Music Video on Par With The Arcade Fire’s “We Used to Wait”

A still from Sour's "Mirror"

Sour made up of the various icons and profile pics that make up my digital life.

You should really see Sour’s new music video “Mirror.” You’re in it. Or at least you will be when you give their site access to your Twitter account, Facebook profile and your web cam (or as few as one of the three). The result is a collage of your digital foot print and Sour’s three members intriguingly-animated in pop-up windows. Trust me, you’ll be glad you checked it out.

“Mirror” follows a few months behind The Arcade Fire’s brush with HTML 5 interactivity and Google Chrome in an interactive film called The Wilderness Downtown which makes use of “We Used to Wait” from the band’s The Suburbs album. Where “Mirror” cuts and pastes your various sites and followers, Wilderness asks you to type in your childhood address to “geopersonalize” the video; a fancy way of saying your old house will appear prominently in the video. Also a sight to be seen.

So who is Sour anyway? I hadn’t heard about them until “Mirror” started getting passed around the net. I guess that makes me proof positive that their interactive marketing campaign/experimental video project worked.

It turns out Sour is a trio of Japanese dudes with international upbringings. Hoshijima (vocals and guitar) was born in France and grew up in Britain. Sohey (various forms of bass) grew up in Germany but came into being in Spain. Takahasiken (on drums and “toys”) grew up in Tokyo’s Ginza district. The band describes their sound as “organic, urban, tight, mellow, sharpend, and totally comfortable sound.”

According to a post from Creativity, directorial credit for “Mirror” goes to Masashi Kawamura (a creative director at advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy New York), Qanta Shimizu, and Saqoosha.


~ by Jonathan McNamara on 2011/01/22.

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