Kotaku Discovers Gackt



Earlier today, video game-centric blog Kotaku published a post by Senior Contributing Editor (Japan) Brian Ashcraft all about Japanese rock star/multi-instrumentalist/actor/vampire Gackt. Apparently Ashcraft has discovered Gackt and, after doing so, felt an intense need to shower him with adoration. Not that the guy doesn’t deserve it, you understand. Gackt is an extremely interesting rock star/multi-instrumentalist/actor/vampire.

It just goes to show that Japanese music has a strange way of penetrating the West. When and where it will rear its glittery, glammed-out face is anybody’s guess. This time it was because of Gackt’s involvement in various video game projects. Still, it feels strange to think that there are now thousands of dedicated Kotaku readers who know about Gackt because he lent his likeness to Bujingai and not because of his solo albums or his work with Malice Mizer.

Ashcraft points out that despite his many other talents, Gackt’s comedic delivery may be his most refined. I had not seen Gackt’s Metal Gear Solid 2 commercial before. It turns out vampires are hilarious.


~ by Jonathan McNamara on 2011/01/20.

One Response to “Kotaku Discovers Gackt”

  1. Glad I stumbled across this post, it’s good to see him getting press outside J-rock circles

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