X Japan in Phoenix New Times

X Japan in Phoenix New Times

X Japan in Phoenix New Times.

There’s something that will never get old about seeing your work in print. I know, I know. We’re all Web 2.0 and slaves to shiny black boxes from Apple these days, but seeing a story in print has this tangible quality to it that beats digital hands down. Of course, when the story happens to be about one of your favorite bands, it’s even better.

If you’re in the Phoenix area, go pick up a copy of New Times in which you’ll find my music feature on X Japan; the significance of their Lollapalooza gig and what it might mean for their future. If you’re too smart to live in the great, American desert, you can also read it online.

There was a lot I didn’t get to in this article simply because I had to keep it to 1500 words. It was 1499, I believe. I’m still working on the X Japan retrospective series here on Nihongaku, so expect to hear more about the Lollapalooza performance soon.


~ by Jonathan McNamara on 2010/09/09.

4 Responses to “X Japan in Phoenix New Times

  1. got mine in front of me, good job tiger

  2. OMG! Yeah, you are right. Even same article, on the printed paper and on the web are different. Call me old fashioned. But I prefer paper based. I used to write my article for paper. It was something very satisfying. I’m looking forward to see your following work. Keep following YOSHIKI and X Japan.

  3. Absolutely brilliant!

  4. A belated congratulations to you! I agree, nothing beats seeing your name in a byline on printed paper. Heck, that is my dream.

    Anyway, I’ve read that the X-Japan shows in the US are pretty smashing. Have you, by any chance, seen one?

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