Perfume: Fushizen na Girl/Natural ni Koishite

Perfume - Fushizen na Girl

Perfume: Nocchi (left), A~Chan (center) and Kashiyuka (right).

What’s my guilty pleasure? Perfume.

Here’s what you need to know: Perfume is an electro-pop group from Hiroshima consisting of members Nocchi, Kashiyuka and A~chan. What perfume does is fill your life with pure, audio candy so packed full of sucrose that you’re guaranteed to develop a sweet tooth. The group has released three albums that have essentially been collections of previously released singles with a few surprises. They have also released several, amazingly executed music videos often available as CD+DVD packages. In my experience, it’s the videos that are the ultimate hook. How can I say no to not one, but three choreographed, dancing, Japanese, idols?

In April, Perfume released their first single since One Room Disco in March of 2009. This new release, Fushizen na Girl/Natural ni Koishite features two new bubble gum tracks every bit as infectious as their previous works. Check out the new music videos after the jump.

Fushizen na Girl (Promotional Video version)
Gah! Such a brief taste! I love this song, but it’s hard to think about it critically without considering the music video as well. Somehow seeing A~chan tossing geometric patterns around with ridiculously large shoulder pads elevates this simple song to an addictive piece of entertainment. Take the next single for example:

Natural ni Koishite (Full Version)
On its own, “Natural ni Koishite” is a bit long for me to put on heavy rotation. But throw in a video of Perfume pulling of moves that’d make Jamiroquai jealous and you’ve got my attention for multiple viewings.


~ by Jonathan McNamara on 2010/05/14.

3 Responses to “Perfume: Fushizen na Girl/Natural ni Koishite”

  1. you and i suffer from the same affliction. the song that turned me onto these girls was the single polyrhythm.

    as well as a friend named Mori in Kobe, whos hometown is a mere 20minutes from my host family in Yamaguchi Pref. Nothing better than being introduced to a new band via keitai speakers and impromptu night sakura dancing.

  2. oh, right, the song Mori was dancing to was chocolate disco….

  3. “Chocolate Disco” is the first Perfume track I heard. Dear Lord! I had to keep listening to it on repeat to make sure it was as good as I thought it was. Naturally, “Polyrhythm” is a great track too.

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